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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 28, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hi everybody, i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. finally a break in the coursing heat. that could mean relief from the triple digit days. the rain was a welcome sight in canton this afternoon after days of code red heat and looking live outside right now, it's calmed down a bit, but still under a thunderstorm watch. bernadette woods has a closer look at the cooloff, but bob turk in the weather center. some areas not a drop of rain and that's pretty much typical. in the eastern shore, decent shower active. have a warning in effect for central and southern delaware. down towards that area, henderson, just north of denton there around 404, some light showers now. they've weakened and heading into delaware.
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lower portions of the eastern shores that's where we're seeing at least four or five really good strong thunderstorm cells all going to the east for the most part between vienna and salisbury. salisbury, just to the doorstep, just west of you. and southern maryland at 25 to 30 miles per hour. around the baltimore and d. c. area, not much going on. one little cell in portions of northern adams county. some showers later this evening, but we're trying to keep that in the forecast. bernadette woods joins us now to look at the current advisoryings and the temperatures. >> we have the severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00 tonight officially. but the other big part of the story are temperatures, knocked down nearly 20 degrees, down to 77. now this past now with the sun back out, back up to 80-degrees and the humidity is still high. we want to show you the contrast here.
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ahead of where the storms are going through, we have been close to -- excuse me, in the low 100s for the heat index behind it, whereas behind it, not quite as extreme and that's going to be the big story over the next few days, today, though, we did break a record. we went up to 99-degree for the temperature today. that's the new record. yesterday, we broke a record also of 100. this heat wave has gone 10 straight days with 90 plus degree readings and at least tied or broke at least four different records. but it's ending and we'll have the forecast shortly. guys? remember, wjz is always on for instant updates on the forecast, live doppler radar anytime, log on to a violent week in the city leads to major concerns about public safety for the upcoming fourth of july weekend. tonight, baltimore's top cop and the mayor pledge to make
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the inner harbor secure. wjz is livics derek valcourt has more. >> reporter: they are getting help from other police agents to have a full help on the fourth. saturday night, shots fired near the world trade center after police say two different groups of teenage boys excused words as they passed each other. >> something dumb, something like are you staring al us? why are you looking at us? something completely redick louse. >> reporter: that argument led to a shooting with a bullet striking one teen in the hand. officers gave chase to the suspect and his two accomplices, exchanging brief gunfire before arresting all three. it was one in a series of violent attacks this weekend. one gang member survived, but her unborn child did not. in retaliation, a rival gang member was shot later and that day and on saturday morning, a
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dispute over an ipod led to another shooting. >> it's an absolute indictment on how people reinvolve violence in the city. >> reporter: with large crowds expected here for fourth of july festivities, the police commissioner has canceled all leave for officers and also enlisted the help of mta police, transportation authority police and state police. >> that's what people should expect. if they want to cause havoc in our most prized tourist attraction, there will be costs particularly over this weekend coming one the fourth of july. we're going to have a deployment of over 300 officers as well as crime cameras. we're going to be looking at everyone down there. >> reporter: and police say they're going to need all these eyes and ears out there because they're expecting a crowd of about 110,000 people to come out on friday -- sunday night
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and watch the fireworks. back to you. >> for fourth of july. thank you. all this weekend, police say they had two murders, two suspicious deaths and six nonfay tool shootings. the search is on for the home intruder in baltimore county. wjz is live in towson. jessica kartalija explains. >> reporter: tonight, police are urging wood lawn residents to be on the look out. they say this suspect is on the loose and may be targeting people in apartment complexes. just before midnight saturday, police were called to the carlisle landing apartments for a report of a sexual assault. the 43-year-old victim tells police the suspect seen here in this forensic sketch came through a window and raped her. >> during the assault, she was able to hit the attacker on the head with an object. we're not disclosing that at that point. he was injured at that time and had a laceration or a cut on his head. >> reporter: the suspect fled the scene, the victim was taken
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to the rape crisis center at greater baltimore medical center. >> what's next? what is next? >> reporter: residents afraid to go on camera tell us break- ins are all too common here. >> it's easy. it's like you might live here. and you don't. like you got a key, but the reality of it is you don't need a key. you can take a branch. >> reporter: just hours after the alleged sexual assault, police were called to an attempted burglary two miles away, the suspect matching the same description. >> our concern is that he's going to go do this again and could be even more violent. >> reporter: and again, we want to show you that sketch of the suspect. we're told that he has very short hair, so if he was in fact struck in the head, that cut should be visible. during both crimes, he was allegedly wearing white t- shirts and jeans.
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live, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers at 18667 lock up. we're follows breaking news. adam pike is in the newsroom. >> apparently happened at roisters town road. we're hearing two county police officers were following a vehicle when something happened and one officer was apparently struck by this car. that officer has injuries to his leg. we're also told that another officer did fire shots at the vehicle. right now, that vehicle is still in the road. county police are on the scene and traffic is shut down. we're hoping to get more information on injuries as soon as that information comes in. mary, back to you. >> sky chopper 13 is en route to the scene. maryland's popular resort town is being plagued by
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vandalled and targets. the lifeguard chairs on the beach, 30 of the white stands have been trashed. the chairs are being buried, toppled and even thrown out to sea. city carpenters can't keep up with the repairs and beach patrol says lifeguards are close to not having enough chairs for the nine and a half mile beach. the first big storm of the season enters the gulf of mexico and threatens containment efforts on the bp oil spill. you're looking at live images of the leak. tropical storm alex could spread the oil more. sandra hughes from the florida coast. >> reporter: a tropical storm is stirring up trouble for the clean-up effort in the gulf. alex isn't even headed this way, but as it strengthening to a hurricane, strong winds and waves may push more oil inland. >> any kind of surge from a storm would obviously exacerbate the oil and cause
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problems for us. >> reporter: forecasts show alex making landfall near the mexico and texas border later the week. that means bp won't have to evacuate ships working at the well site, still, high seas could slow down efforts to get a third oil containment system working. bp says daily clean-up costs including paying contractors to clean-up oil from the beach have now reached $100 million. in total, its efforts to contain the oil have cost $2.5 billion. the economic losses are tacking up everywhere. on a normal summer day at joe paddy seafood store in pensacola, florida. 3,000 people come through the door to buy seafood. now it's more like hundreds. >> most of the shrimp i have today is from the east coast and i'm bringing some from
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nicaragua >> importing is much more expense i have. >> how long, another? week. i don't know. >> reporter: if he doesn't get some relief soon, paddy might have to lay off almost half of his 110 employees. sandra hughes, cbs news, pensacola beach, florida. >> even as alex is going away, it could cause major jobs. bernadette? one of the main reasons is that it's a large storm. i want to show you the satellite we have here and you can see the size of the storm. the center of it just making its way off the peninsula right there. the yucatan peninsula and heading to the northwest. that's where the orange little circle is. but northeast of, that already some very bright colors helding toward the gulf coast and the oil spill region and those contain a lot of tropical moisture and heavy thunderstorms. this is the track it's going to take as you saw in the story there, going to the northwest, second landfall later on this
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week. but the thing is, even though that's going to be the direct landfall. indirectly, a lot of the moisture is going to go to the east and just to keep it in view, here's where the oil spill is and the relief efforts are going on and a lot of heavy thunderstorms and squallly weather will be moving in that direction. not only this week, but continuing into the hol way weekend and -- holiday weekend and we will keep you updated. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00, tracking down bin laden. >> i want him alive and bring him into justice. just like is a dam, who was insan -- saddam, who was insane. >> gary faulkner is telling the world he wasn't alone. new questions ant a baltimore city county mother accused of killing her estranged husband. phone records released in court today. looking for work. dozens of marylanders come to timonium to do that. find out what companies are hiring and when you can get
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your chance to apply. the updated first warning weather forecast with bob. stick with us. ,,
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dozens of angry phone messages from a mother on trial for murdering her husband and trying to kill their daughter. they provide new incite into mary koontz's state of mild. we're live in towson and mike hellgren has the new recordings for us, mike? >> reporter: mary, they're angry, she rants, she makes threats and talks a lot about her husband. the defense is that she was mentally ill. that's the voice of mary
5:16 pm
koontz, one of hundreds of lengthy angry rants she left on her estranged husband's ron voice mail in the months before she snuck inside his arm with a gun and shot and killed him and tried to kill their daughter. wjz blurred this picture of her staken minutes after -- taken of her minutes after the killing because she's covered in blood. her lawyer is arguing she was insane at the time and not criminally responsible. she addresses her daughter in those messages.
5:17 pm
since the separation from her husband, who was a baltimore county school's administrator, she lived at the couple's condo in florida and wasn't happy about that. prosecutors say koontz bought the gun she used, took it on a plane to maryland and even went through firearms training to use it. in the background check, there was no mental illness. koontz showed little emotion in court. she wore all white with her hair tied in bun and looked straight ahead most of the
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time. reporting live in towson, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> koontz's lawyer has declined to say what illness she suffers from. some traffic issued based on the police incident in pikesville. let's check in on the roads with sharon gibala. we assume that situation is still ongoing in pikesville. >> it sure is. we're following that as you mentioned. it is on the road in an area of sud block lane outside of the diner. if you want to avoid the whole area, take park heights avenue instead. a vehicle fire on 70 eastbound approaching route 29 and in bel air, debris knocking rout 7 just past south calvary road. there is one accident reported on 95 southbound at route 100 and another one in the city on waver avenue at south hanover and one more at crane highway at millers road. 295 north and southbound lanes
5:19 pm
remain in the red due to an earlier accident at 175. you will find delays and there's a look at the drive times and speeds on the beltway. the real slow spot is on the topside in the loop between 83 and 95. nothing unusual there. standard delay also in place on 50 eastbound between west street and the seven river bridge. there's a look at 95 running smoothly at white marsh. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. come into subway where many of the food longs continue to be $5 each. subway, eat fresh. back over to you. >> sharon, thank you. bob, it's nice outside, can we say that? >> the temperature dropped 20 degrees, it's coming back up again because the sun is back out. but we're at 80. better than 99 we saw today. very, very humid and the dew point is up as you can see. some changes late, late tonight. we'll talk about and really nice weather headed our way nice weather headed our way right after this.
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subway now has breakfast! your... better breakfast. however you want it! [ male announcer ] spread the word -- subway now has breakfast! get the deliciousness just the way you want it, like the subway western egg white muffin melt. build your better breakfast at subway. temperature is going down a little bit. a little st. awfully hot today. weed a although last week -- we had although last week, a heat
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index of 106 this afternoon, 102, 103 in some areas before the thundershowers hit. some heavy downpours and a half inch of rain in some areas, around the baltimore and washington area, very quiet. we could see more showers tonight. right now, all of the action is over southern delaware around the beach. there you see it. west of mills borrow, coming right through 13. heading toward the beaches. so from ocean city to fen wick, those areas, bethany, probably see the storms in your neighborhood very shortly. one east of salisbury going to berlin and just west of salisbury. you folks down that southern portions of our region, eastern shore, worcester and eastern sections of dorchester county, that's where the activity is now and storms over charles and st. mary's county. for some areas, they'll see heavy downpours. around the baltimore and washington area, very quiet. one little tiny cell weakening
5:24 pm
west of york. just entering york county. north and west, nothing going on although because we have sun out there and temperatures are recovering, a scattered shower is thunderstorm is possible. that's why the severe thunderstorm watch is in effect. it is in effect until 8:00. i do think in the next hour, they'll probably drop that west of the bay. 85 as the heat index, it was up to over 100. hagerstown at 94. these are the heat indexes, temperature wise. only at 80-degrees, we've dropped from the upper 90s to a more pleasant 70s and 80s as you can see. ocean city at 87. but their heat index is 1 unon the beach. to the west -- 100 on the beach. to the west, temperatures have come up. south winds are in the region later tonight and tomorrow. they'll go back to the north and northwest. a new air mass will be coming in. fear the showers this afternoon, very early. now to the south and east and a
5:25 pm
lot of clouds. but here comes more sunshine. still a chance with instability building of some scattered showers yet tonight. before the front comes through behind it, a big area of beautiful, beautiful sunshineny weather with much lower humidity and temperatures heading our way. here comes the cold front, several days of low humidity and lower temperatures. a quick look at alest, still a tropical storm and its -- alex, it's still a tropical storm and its track takes it south of texas. 10 to 15 knots winds and the bay tern at 70 knots. scattered showers early, maybe something later, down to 72. tomorrow, upper 80s. may touch 90 with a mixture of sun and clouds. but not nearly as humid and you'll see a big difference tomorrow from the last couple of days. >> we need it. thank you bob. and still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00, rape reports in baltimore, why are more rape cases here dismissed than anywhere else in the
5:26 pm
country? baltimore city launches an investigation of it police department. guns for self-defense. the supreme court makes a long awaited ruling. so it constitutional to own a handgun anywhere in america? i'm ron matz at the inner hour bar. it's called -- harbor. it's called dick's last resort and it's a first for baltimore. a new w ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 5:29. good evening, thank you for staying with eyewitness news. right now, we have some breaking news that we reported to you at top of the hour. there's been a police accident and shooting in pikesville. kelly mcpherson joins us live via the phone with new information. kelly? >> reporter: kai, i just got off the phone with the baltimore county police and they have few details, but so far, we know that several officers were following a car and investigating something. we're not sure what. and that car when they tried to pull it over, sped off and officers went after it the car and at some point, someone started firing. we're not sure who started firing first. but baltimore county police tell me that one officer was hit and he has been taken to shock trauma for treatment. we are in traffic right now trying to debt to the scene and that -- get to the scene and
5:30 pm
that reisterstown road has been cut off near the avenue. police are still on the scene investigating. >> thank you, kelly mcpherson reporting to us via phone. more information on the breaking story as soon as it becomes available. an investigation is underway tonight inside the baltimore city police department. did detectives brush aside hundreds of rape cases and not properly investigate them? the mayor wants answer. tonight, new reaction from stephanie rollins blake, a rape victim advocate. the "baltimore sun" exposes a disturbing trend. when baltimore city police investigate a rape, many times, the case is dismissed. some say prematurely and the statistics are alarming. baltimore city police number one in the nation for classifying rape cases as unfounded. police are saying the victim is lying or the rape never happened. >> i think i always knew there was an issue. the depth was shocking.
5:31 pm
>> branson is the executive director of turnaround. >> there's an assumption that she did something wrong there the beginning. that the focus should be on those who are committing the crimes, that's who needs to be investigated and interrogated. not the witness. >> there is always a huge drop in the number of rapes being reported. in 1995, 674 rapes, in 1999, 158 rapes. that's an 80% drop in reported rapes. the national average over the same time record, just an 8% drop in reported rapes. >> we knew the assaults were happening and there weren't very many arrests. >> today, the mayor told wjz she's launched an investigation of police procedures in rape cases. >> we need to do everything that we can to make sure that there's an environment where women are comfortable coming forward to give information about the crime if that's what i intend to do.
5:32 pm
>> and today, the police commissioner tells us that the investigation is a top priority for him as well. fred bealefeld said authorities are fully cooperating with police officials. more trouble for the system today as another breakdown leaves passengers stranded. denise joins us live in the newsroom. denise. >> well, kai, the train was going from baltimore to b d. c. when it stalled at new carolton. some of the passengers were hospital aided. mta says today's stranded passengers were picked up by another train after a half hour and dropped off at a nearby station. kai? >> denise, thank you. internal and federal investigations underway in the last week's breakdowns and mta is already making some changes. the longest serving
5:33 pm
congressman in u.s. history, senator robert byrd has passed away. flags are flying at half staff in honor of the west virginia law make,s of he was elected in 1958 and bail well-known for his efforts to steer federal dollars to his home state. the lawyer for the five d. c. area men convicted of plotting terrorist attacks in pakistan has filed an appeal. the students in their 20s were detained in december and accused of contacting militants over the internet to plan attacks. the five men were someone today 10 years in prison last week consider sentenced to 10 years in -- sentenced to 10 years in prison last week. the colorado man, is semiproclaimed hunter of osama bin laden told the cbs early show he wasn't working along. gary faulkner said his goal was to bring the leader back to america alive. >> i'm there to get him.
5:34 pm
he is the same thing. no different than anything else whether you have armed guards out here. security systems. >> that doesn't intimidate you? >> not even close. >> faulkner was found in the woods of northern pakistan two weeks ago. the unemployed construction worker was not specific on the type of help he received while there. senators begin the confirmation hearings for the next supreme court justice by asking her to be open and explain her philosophy to lawmakers. terrell brown has the lathe for the most part washington. >> reporter: elena kagan, a promise. >> i will listen hard to every party before the courts and to each of my colleagues. i will work hard. and i will do my best to consider every case impartially. >> reporter: president obama nominated her to replace retiring justice john paul
5:35 pm
stevens. democrats believe she's the right choice for the job. >> i believe that fair minded people will find her judicial philosophy well within the legal mainstream. >> reporter: but republicans have serious concerns about kagan's resume. they argue she doesn't have enough experience on the bench. >> miss kagan worked for two years in a law firm. the rest is in academia and politics. >> reporter: republicans will argue kagan is more of a political operative than a legal scholar, but she is still on track to be concerned. republicans zeroed in on a decision kagan made as a dean of harvard law school. she banned military recruiters from campus because she believed the don't ask, don't tell policy was a violation of the rules. >> it demeaned our soldiers. >> reporter: both sides are expected to grill kagan about her judicial philosophy. >> this hearing is the only opportunity for the american public to learn who you are. >> reporter: but she is likely to follow in the path of
5:36 pm
nominees before her. and watch her step as she tackles questions on controversial issues. terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> among those who will question kagan is ben cardin, a member of the judiciary committee. gun rights activists score a landmark victory in the supreme court today. they ordered a lower court to reconsider a ruling on a chicago law banning handguns. five said the right that americans have a right to own a gun for defense purposes. today's ruling still leaves questions about what kind of gun control laws are allowed. a local college is making plans to honor the late coretta scott king. the memorial garden is being built on the edge water campus
5:37 pm
of sojourner college. ground-breaking for the half acre space is scheduled for september. time now for a quick look at the stories that you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the "baltimore sun." all of these stories and more, read tomorrow's "baltimore sun" and look for the updated forecast from us. less than two weeks after the closing of the espn zone, the inner harbor is getting a new restaurant a few doors away. ron matz has more on a place where attitude bringing -- with attitude bringing jobs to charm city. >> reporter: dick's last resort is successful in seven other cities. the restaurant is opening in
5:38 pm
baltimore. ceo ted motes says get ready. >> whether it's a bachelorette party or a family on vacation, we're going to look to give you that unique fun experience. >> reporter: that experience will include entertainment from the waiters. the 9,000 square foot restaurant is just a few steps from the old espn zone. and next to the hard rock cafe. there's plenty of good food including crab cakes and the decor -- it's unique. >> baltimore likes to have a good time. i think they like to have a quirky experience with attitude and this delivers that. >> reporter: less than two weeks after the closing of the espn zone. dick's last resort is opening its doors and bringing with it more than 150 new jobs. >> gives me a reason, you know, to wake up nice and perky and know that i have something to go and go for i have a lot of people. that's really depending on me the make it happen. >> reporter: a restaurant with an attitude, ready to meet charm city. >> and what an institution this
5:39 pm
national aquarium is with 1.6 million visitors a year and of course, with orioles and ravens here, it's a natural. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> the first dick's last resort opened in dallas in 1985. the baltimore location opened this afternoon. >> you've been in? >> yes, good food. it's casual and it's fun and really kid friendly. >> i like quirky. i think it will work. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news tonight, the whole new way to plan your family. and it centers around men pause. that story in health watch. wild winds is no match for severe storms that tore through the midwest. i'm bob turk your first warning weather center. a major cooldown heading our way, your exclusive first warning forecast. first, your report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we've had some thundershower activity, some heavy downpour in some areas, right now, it's quite a downpour. we still may see a shower later this evening and keep that in the forecast, but tomorrow, big changes heading our way and beyond that, gets even better.
5:43 pm
bernadette words is looking at the tuesday forecast. >> tomorrow, we begin the cooldown, but it's not going to be cool tomorrow. it's a transition day. we statute in the 70s, is muggy -- start out in the 70s a a muggy morning still. but up to 90-degrees, but the humidly will be dropping with the wind to the northwest and tomorrow evening, we start the cool it down and take a look at the next five days, with bob? >> actually, some pretty cool air is going to move in some areas, may not even get out of the 70s on wednesday and thursday. 90 tomorrow, but the humidity will be dropping all day long. 63, a comfortable tomorrow night. 82, 57. love that one. 80, 55 thursday night. 60 friday night with a high of 82. sunshine wall the wall. now the weekend, july fourth weekend, it's going to warm up again. 86 on saturday. sunday right now, upper 80s, but next week, get warm again. >> looks great for now.
5:44 pm
bob, thank you. the energy report tonight, the ramp post is one of the high used light fixtures in the home. dfls are coming in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can install a motion sensor. for more information, go to and click on our special section on our home page. minutes ago, the national weather service confirmed it was a tornado that ripped through a michigan campground killing one person. winds reached up to 95 miles an hour and sent trees and power lines flying. one man's fully loaded camper flipped on to his house. 75-year-old james anderson and four others went to the hospital. in today's wjz consumer watch, concerns about nation's food supply needs to new guidelines by the food and drug administration. the fda is urging meat producers to limit the amount
5:45 pm
of antibiotics they give animals. they consume too much, it creates antibiotic resistant bacteria which can then affect people. the test allows doctors the measure the concentration of the hormone or a certain hormone found in the ovaries. women normally stop producing eggs about 10 years before menopause. the research could someday assist women in planning families. the study was released at a european fertility conference in rome the weekend. unemployment benefits are running out loading on the pressure to find work. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: the maryland unemployment rate has decreased steady over the last several months and those without work are desperate to bring the number down even more. she is technically unemployed. but serious work to do every
5:46 pm
day to find a new job after she lost a nursing position last year. >> it's really tough. it's very competitive. it seems like i'm beat out in almost every job. >> reporter: haas is one of dozens of marylanders that wound up at the crown plaza hotel in timonium. the event featured hot businesses including enterprise rent-a-car and even the u.s. army. but some worry the variety doesn't guarantee success. >> i'm actually afraid that i won't if find a job at all. from what i'm hearing, it's not easy with a degree and everything you have. >> reporter: today, nearly 20 companies are here eager to find qualifies workers. >> this gives them the opportunity to meet with 3, 4, 500 people where those kind of numbers versus putting an ad and going through days and days
5:47 pm
after taking calls. >> reporter: knowing it's a two way street encourages haas. >> i'm hoping there's ad lo of companies here today -- a lot of companies here today and i have a choice of careers. >> reporter: the company that hosted this event today hosts several career fairs around the country. the next one is scheduled in maryland for september at the hilton bwi. reporting in timonium. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> the current unemployment rate in maryland is 7%. check in with wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. denise is in the newsroom. >> mary, updated on the breaking news and shots fired at a police officers in pikesville. a disturbing end to the ride home. a man getting off at a metro station is attacked and robbed. new at 6:00, police need your hope the find the suspect. and canine patrol using dogs to police geese. and new at 6:00, the business is booming. check in for these stories and all breaking news coming up at 6:00. now back to you.
5:48 pm
>> denise, thank you. it wasn't the battle of the birds, but the astros and rangers down in texas. >> a pigeon interrupted play. later, an astros player snagged the bird with two hands and carried him off the field. just wanted to help. oh! gentle now please. that's not looking as gentle as i would like it to be. i just have to say. >> what's interesting is the bird seems to be cool with the people around it. >> he was comfortable. i don't think -- [ laughter ] he could be. >> the home team. i would say we would need him here for tho's, but not so much, we're doing okay. eyewitness sport is next by the day. this is mark viviano, the orioles have a winning streak to feel good about. we'll hear from team and from some former orioles. their comments on the former club and the latest soccer highlights from the world cup
5:49 pm
when eyewitness news continues.,
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starting on an up note, talking about o's. i love it. >> the o's still have the worst record in the majors, but on this day of rest, a lot of them ponder some much-needed god fortune. they have one. four in a row and the birds look to add to the season high winning streak taking on oakland at home tomorrow. all four orioles wins in the current streak have been comebacks. last three by a single run and juan samuel had reason to doubt the likelihood of victory when lugo got thrown out and that wasn't a smart play. but with story patterson on -- torre patterson on second, 4-3 over washington. four wins in a row for the o's. >> we did a lot of things well this weekend this we have to continue to do. we have pitched well and more importantly, we came up with
5:53 pm
timely hits and you know, put us on top of each other with big innings and that's how you win. >> the o's have cut ties with first baseman garrett atkins. the o's got a total of 44 games out of him and just one home run. he says he will not play for the o's minor league team and hopes to get a shot with another team. o's and a's tomorrow. former orioles jim palmer and ken singleton in hunt valley today for the annual celebrity event. others included rick dempsey and paul blair were there. >> there's just been some mistakes that could cost you a ball game and sometimes it only takes you one in a ball game. >> i expect them to improve. some of the young players, maybe to get a grasp on things, i would like to see them bring in seasoned veterans who can show these kids the way.
5:54 pm
>> proceeds from the gulf outing benefit the cool kids campaign to help children diagnosed with cancer. well, baltimore gets a kick out of soccer. baltimore is second only to san diego for cities that tuned in to see team usa kick for the title. now that the americans are out of the tournament, will you still watch? if you do, you're likely to see brazil make another run for a world cup trophy. they advances with a win over chile in south africa today. corner kick, this one headed in by juan. the brazil january. single name -- brazilian. single name reference. juan, to start the score, they beat chile 3-0. they will next get the netherlands after the dutch defeated slovakia today. next hour, the feature match at wimbledon today. serena williams against sharapova. also, big trouble for american andy rod dick. i'll have highlights of that ahead on wjz eyewitness news at
5:55 pm
6:00. i want to extend my thanks to the columbian triathlon association. they just do a great job and i tell you what, the experience gives me a great appreciation for all those who've done it before. >> but i'm sure you did well. >> i did well enough. i'm here. that's the good news. >> you're walking and talking. >> go out on a limb, this guy juan from brazil? if you're that bad that you have your name, you must be pretty good. >> that's bad as in good. >> absolutely, yes, i'm sorry. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. explosive recordings. i'm mike hellgren from towson. you'll hear the recordings too you'll hear the recordings too coming up. ,,,, oh no, no!
5:56 pm
you'll hear the recordings too coming up. ,,,, i just parked here a second ago! give me a break, will you? (announcer) dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles with two different gels for softness and support... ...are outrageously comfortable. ...on second thought, i think i'll walk... (announcer) are you gellin'? dr. scholl's
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sharp. . coming up right now on eyewitness news at 6 breaking news with a live report from the scene in pikeville. boy, the heat and bringing some welcome relief. how long will it last? >> i'm had the police headquarter, the story is straight ahead. bloodshed across baltimore. another violent weekend. what police are doing about safety for the 4th of july weekend. check in for these stories and all of day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 6 starts now. >> this is wjz and wjz t.v.
5:59 pm
and wjzhd baltimore. from the city, to the county, to your neighbor. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. [ music ] hello, everybody i'm denise coke. >> and i'm vic carter. the breaking news tonight. >> shots fired at a police officer in baltimore county. wjz is live. kelly mcpherson has more. kelly? >> reporter: denise, witnesses describe this as an inn dense police chase. show you the scene behind me. this car here is the car that the police were chasing after. you can see behind that there is a police car that also has crashed. the police have told us officially that their officers were monitoring this car and that they decided to pull this car over. and when that happened, the car sped down the road and the man eventually got out of the car and ran off. witnesses tell me that an officer got out of his car as


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